Ammonia Engine for Merchant Vessel. # 3 OCEAN TECH


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Merchant ships need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, many engine manufacturers are making efforts to reduce exhaust gases and developing engines that use ammonia as fuel.

– outline

The shipping industry is one of the significant causes of carbon emissions and environmental pollution. To respond to these problems, the transition to environmentally friendly technologies and fuels is becoming more important in the shipping sector. One of them is using an ammonia engine. 

– Advantages of Ammonia.

1. Carbon Neutral: Ammonia fuels produce minimal or no CO2 emissions when burned. This makes the ship carbon neutral. 

2. High Energy Density: Ammonia has high energy density, making it suitable for long-distance voyages.

3. Safety: With proper handling and management, ammonia is a safe fuel to handle.

– disadvantage of Ammonia.

1. Explosive and toxic: High concentrations of ammonia can be explosive and toxic, requiring proper disposal and safety measures.

2. Lack of infrastructure and technology: Infrastructure and technology for ammonia fuel systems are still inadequate and need to be developed.

– task to solve

1. Enhanced Safety: Research and development are needed to enhance the safety of ammonia fuel systems.2. 

2. Building Infrastructure: It is important to build infrastructure to supply and store ammonia fuel.

– current situation

As of now, ammonia-fueled ships are not yet common. However, research and pilot projects are underway in this area, and it is gaining attention as an alternative for carbon neutrality. More effort and investment are needed to commercialize ships that use ammonia, and establishing a production and supply system for ammonia fuel is key.

In this way, marine ammonia engines are emerging as an important technology for carbon-neutral and environmentally friendly navigation. However, various challenges still exist, and research and innovation to overcome them continue. These efforts are expected to increase the sustainability of the shipping industry.